You are amazing Tracy, keep it up!”

“Dr. Darling allowed me to work as an apprentice in her practice during my time in nursing school several years ago and has since been a huge inspiration to me. She is a outstanding doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable but very personable and couldn’t be easier to talk to. She has really inspired me to continue on with my schooling and I hope to have a practice similar to hers in the future. I have also completed the HCG program with her, which was truly incredible! I wasn’t extremely overweight to begin with but it really helped me to take off the extra weight and served to be amazing overall reset for my body. She even helped me to formulate a clean eating plan based on my blood type after the diet was over to help my results stick.

Ellen T

I feel so much better...

“Tracy has been my doctor for MANY years now ! I have known her since she was 13 years old. her dad ( also a doctor ) was my doctor before Tracy 🙂 even though she is in CA now and I’m in Indiana she still does office calls with me via facetime or skype. She has helped me in so many ways !! If I was to list all the things she has done for me I would be typing all night ! I would recommend her to anyone !”

Rick O

I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Darling as my family doctor. I know we are in good hands.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Darling for over 5 years and my husband and I have referred many people her way. She has helped us so much. Dr. Darling is extremely thorough, she is patient and very smart. I love that she takes a natural approach to healthcare and combines it with western medicine in her practice.
I feel like I can ask her ANYTHING about my health and she not only has a quick response but one that is backed by science and research she has done.
There aren’t many medical doctors who know about diet, hormonal issues, mental health, weight loss, anxiety, general medicine AND offer all natural supplements.

Gina M

I would very much recommend this center...

Dr. Darling is so refreshing in a world of over prescribing as the best practice! I go to her for everything and take my children as well! I appreciate her holistic approach to medical care and her honesty about products and what’s best for our health! She is so genuine and always makes herself available above and beyond! I’m grateful I have a Dr. I can trust and one that I know has my best interest at heart and that doesn’t just push pills on me!

Shannon K

go see Dr. Darling, she will figure it out

Dr. Darling took the place of 20 years of hundreds of doctors and was the first doctor to SEE ME , not a bag of unrelated symptoms. If you have an auto immune disease

like me, she will and can help!
I am thankful everyday in one way or another that I moved out here to find her. I understood that she was  the last and only chance I had left. She understood the magnitude of what I was dealing with and future I was facing, I felt heard and understood for the first time in 20 years of chasing this! Real medicine, real care, and she is always there for her patients!

I met Dr. Darling on the way down the Fibromyalgia spiral. She was the first and only doctor to understand, treat, and administer support with knowledge and care unparalleled. I went from being in the ER every other week to thriving on my own, starting a wonderful real estate career and most of all, balance and support in this very long, painful, and often frightening journey of auto immune disease.

Tara B

I love this lady from a nurse who "hates doctors"

Fantastic doctor with excellent bed side manner you won’t find such a kind doctor who’s interested in keeping you well and focused on natural nutrition as well as none invasive ways to get you healthy. I love this lady from a nurse who “hates doctors” she’s not the usual. She cares listens and really loves seeing you well. Worth the money worth getting off toxic medications that treat the symptoms not cure the problem. Many thanks to an amazing caring doctor.

Tanya G.

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