Stem Cells for Joint Repair

Regenerative Medicine


We offer treatments for Knees, Back, Shoulder, Feet and Elbows

Regenrative Medicine

Almost 10% of the United States population suffers from symptomatic knee osteoarthritis by the age of 60. Image A. shows a normal knee of a younger person. Note the spacing in the joint. Image D shows advanced degeneration of the knee which may require surgery.

As we age, our joints degenerate and so do the stem cells in our bodies which regenerate our cartilage, muscle and bone which can no longer keep the pace required to maintain a healthy joint.

Knee pain is often caused by wear and tear and activities such as golf, tennis or skiing. Your orthopedic physician/surgeon will often suggest invasive knee surgery to resolve chronic knee pain but it is important to know there is an alternative. Stem cell knee injections are fast becoming the answer to resolving acute and chronic knee pain as an alternative to knee replacement surgery.

The Darling Center offers non-invasive Regenerative Medicine procedures to reduce pain and return function and mobility in days. This non-surgical, non-invasive therapy helps REPAIR and  REBUILD joints and cartilage in knees, shoulders, ankles and more. 

Regenerative Medicine

Our partner StemX has done a study and the data is in! Our patients have experienced an average of 53% improvement in mobility and pain relief after 12 weeks, 65% after 6 months and over 70%* after 1 year. Why risk invasive surgery – sign up for a free consultation to see if your a candidate.


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