Stem Cell Facials

Facial Rejuvenation with Growth Factors (stem cells facials)

Stem Cell Facials

Stem Cell Facials have become the new botox. You may have heard of the Kardiashians. They made micro needling with PRP famous several years ago. It became known as the Vampire treatment because they would micro needle their faces and then smear the Platelet Rich Plasma all over their faces, hence the vampire name. We now know that using PRP on the face is not a recommended practice even though it is still being done. The red blood cells in the PRP actually irritates the skin, which causes inflammation and reduces the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Known for their regenerative function and incredible therapeutic potential, growth factors (GFs) have proven to be critical for the stimulation of growth and proliferation in living cells. GFs are natural signaling molecules excreted by various cells, but particularly fibroblasts, the most common cells of connective tissue. Today, the topical application of growth factors has been acknowledged for its many benefits. Immunologist and inventor, Ahmed Al-Qahtani, Ph.D., studied growth factors while researching the stages of wound healing in third degree burn patients. He found the complexity and coordination of the cell signaling molecules have a direct effect on cell proliferation, migration, chemotaxis and angiogenesis in the healing phases. Their ability to easily penetrate bare skin and enhance the immune response triggers secretion of other vital growth factors necessary to repair the skin.

What is the process?

The process takes less than an hour and generally you experience a slight reddening of the face for about 24 hours. And it is recommended to stay out of the sun for 24 hours. The normal course of treatment is 4-6 treatments 1 week apart. Most people start to see results almost immediately. And maintenance is also required once to twice a year to maintain your youthful look. Try a round of Stem Cell Facials today to remove those fine lines and wrinkles.

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