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Micronutrient Testing

Spectracell Laboratories measures nutrient levels in a unique way: by growing your cells (from a simple blood sample) in culture with various nutrients, we can see what your cells are “hungry” for…what helps them to thrive, not just survive. Using this technology, we can help you to design a custom diet and supplement regimen for your body’s needs, not just what someone says everyone “should” take. For more information on Spectracell’s Micronutrient testing, click below



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Spectracell Labs

This is a test also offered by Spectracell Labs to provide a detailed analysis of not just your cholesterol levels (which you may have read recently has less to do with heart health than we used to think!), but also the SIZE of the cholesterol particles and other factors which may be much more important in determining your heart disease risk. Simply lowering cholesterol levels is not working. So we dig deeper for answers! To learn more:  


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Click here to learn more about the Lipid Panel and why it is more indicative of potential heart disease that the basic panel your traditional physician orders


Adrenal Testing

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Saliva cortisol and DHEA testing can tell you how your adrenal (“stress glands”) are functioning. The adrenals regulate our “fight or flight” response– adrenalin– as well as inflammation –cortisol– and even interact with our sex hormone production system. Many of us suffer from adrenal exhaustion and don’t even know it. Do you “crash” in the afternoon? Do you get low blood sugar symptoms often? Do you just feel tired all the time? Adrenal testing may be an important factor to consider.

Telomeres Testing

Spectracell Labs

Do you know how old your cells are? The truth is, many of our bodies are much “older” than our chronological age, due to toxins, genetic defects, and poor diet. This test can tell how fast our DNA is aging, which can help us determine if what we are currently doing is working for us or not.


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