Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine (also known as Integrative Medicine) is based on the principle that nutrients, including essential micronutrients, are required for the proper functioning of all the biochemical processes on which our bodies depend. Therefore, when treating symptoms or diseases, we look for the underlying causes which, although often partly genetic, are usually very much tied up with nutritional and environmental factors. This is in contrast to the tendency in the conventional medical approach to treat symptoms by means of drugs or surgery.

We use nutritional testing  and genetic testing to analyze your overall level of wellness.  This state of the art testing gives us a view into your genetic make-up and shows us ways to improve your overall health and create a care plan for life.  We use epigenetics to help us understand why you are the way you are. Your genes impact how you make the proteins that keep you alive and genetic mutations affect the manner in which your body processes nutrients. Click on the image below to learn more about epigentics and why it is important to understand it for your health.


nutirtional medicine


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In addition to epigenetics and its impact on your body, numerous nutritional deficiencies can be caused by taking prescription medications, eating the typical American diet, and by digestive problems that can interfere with absorption of the proper nutrients. Our team will help you correct these abnormalities and help your body heal, balance, and thrive!

Testing Modalities


Most of us seem to have accepted that aches, pains, discomfort and even diseases are a natural state of being, particularly as we get older. Yet, wellness is the body’s natural state. We have fallen into a state of “dis-ease” because of the many toxins that are present in our air, water and food, and our nutritionally depleted diet. Yet, the body is a wonderful machine that seeks optimal health without undue chemicals and pharmaceuticals. If we give your body the support it needs by, eating right and proper supplementation, we can look great, feel great and prolong a healthy life well into our old age.
If you suffer aches and pains, feel restless or are sleepless, have trouble focusing or are moody, experience frequent indigestion or constantly “battle” with your weight and could mean simply that your body is lacking in nutrients or that your systems are overloaded with toxins. These simple tests are not a panacea, but provide a window into what may be ailing you.
These tests are designed to open your mind to the reasons that you may be experiencing ill health, and provide you with tools to help you on your path to optimal health.


These are some of the testing tools that we use to help determine how to make you the best you can be:

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