Male Hormones

Male Hormones

male hormones

Most men find that as they age, they no longer have the muscle mass that they once did and that their libido has lessened over time. They also almost always find that their cholesterol is off the charts! Men as they age can also experience thryoid issues which can lead to weight gain and fatigue. 

All of these things are symptoms of a lack of male hormones. The most prevalent of these hormones is Testosterone. As our bodies age, our testosterone production starts to drop and the body’s natural process is to create cholesterol (it’s the building block of hormones) because the body has it’s own gas gauge and the gauge is reading empty! So the liver begins to produce cholesterol so that the testicles can produce more testosterone. It’s great in theory but the realities are that often we just can’t produce enough. so that is where we come in!

We offer biodentical hormones (read natural) that your body recognizes and often with testosterone replacement therapy you can have a significant drop in your cholesterol levels.

The testosterone we use for our patients is compounded for us and is very different from the testosterone offered in “LOW T” clinics. They use commercially available testosterone (1 type) which is in cottonseed oil, a very “dirty” oil. Ours is from organic Grape Seed oil and has 3 types of testosterone which gives you a consistent level of testosterone throughout the week. You will find your libido is back and the results at the gym are amazing!

We look at all types of hormones and offer natural replacement therapy for all types.

In Office Testosterone Shot

Wekly injections done by our Care Team
$ 149
  • Up to 1.5ml of Testosterone Weekly
  • Tri- Test Testosterone
  • Hormone Level Checks 2/yr

Self Injection 10 ML Vial only

Vials are shipped to your home
$ 59
  • 1 vial of Tri Test Testosterone
  • 10 Syringes and Needles
  • AutoShip every 2 months

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