Genetic Testing


We are one of the first medical practices in the country to start using genetic testing as a standard protocol in our practice. With the advent of and 23andMe, genetic testing has become affordable and more and more people are doing this test to find out their heredity. Both of these companies provide a data file housing information on your complete genome. However, this file (which is huge because it holds data on over 22,000 genes) isn’t really usable by you or us for that matter without an analysis tool to read the data and put it into a usable format. We offer an analysis of your genes that impact your health and your bodies ability to ward off disease.

We export the data from the file sent to us by Ancestry or 23&me and we use sophisticated software to analyze your genes, specifically looking for genetic mutations that affect your health and well being. See below for a sample of what this analysis looks like and how it can help you be the healthiest you you can be.

In this example,  the mutation is of the FUT gene.  This mutation affects the flora in your digestive system and cause what is known as leaky gut.  A simple fix is adding probiotics to your daily supplement regime to restore the good bacteria to your gut. Once we have analyzed the results and often times overlayed the results of the micronutrient panel, we can begin to understand how to open the methylation pathways that have been blocked by the genetic snips and over time, you will begin to live your life in good health.  

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